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Forklift module 1 and 2.2. Choose how you would like to acquire module 3.2 and 4.2 under. After finishing module 4.2 you need to take a practical exam to get the certificate of competence. Se detailed description under. Other forklift classes on request.


Forklift truck module 1 and 2.2.


Module 3.2 Basic practical training on specific forklift truck classes.
Module 4.2 Practical driving training on specific forklift truck classes.

Admission requirements

To be able to drive a forklift truck you must be 18 years old, but the training can start at 17. The certificate of competence will be issued at the age of 18 years.


22 school hours + 6 hours by optional module 3.2 + 16 hours by optional module 4.2.


To lead participants to completed and approved tests for theoretical modules:

T1 – Pallet trucks
T2 – Reach trucks
T3 – High lifting pickers
T4 – Counterbalanced trucks
T5 – Sideloaders

Module 1 is common for machine, truck and crane. If you can document that you have module 1 from before, you can start on module 2.2.

Educational course driver
Forklift truck driver training consists of four modules:

Module 1.1 Work environment, responsibility and consequences.
Module 2.2 Lifting and stacking trucks for goods.
Module 3.2 Basic practical training for a specific forklift truck class.
Module 4.2 Practical driving instruction (20 hours per forklift truck class).

The training finishes with a practical exam. Passing the practical exam for each forklift truck class is the basis for issuing the certificate of competence.
Module 4.2 can be carried out under supervision at your company, by a person that has held the certificate for a minimum of 3 years.
Kurs og Sikkerhet offers training at our facilities for those who don’t have this opportunity.
See frequently asked questions for more information.

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